Archie’s Blog

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website. My name is Archie Kirkpatrick and I would like to tell you my story…

I have a pride for great quality roofing and I learnt my high end skills back in Scotland from my grandfather and namesake, Archie Kirkpatrick Senior.



Archie Senior had a roofing company back in Scotland specializing in slate, copper, clay and all types of roofing until he retired at the grand age of 72.   Archie Senior was still installing and repairing roofs right up to his retirement.


It’s these skills that I teach my team, the skills to work on complex projects with specialist material such as slate, copper and clay.  Skills handed down from generation to generation.   Because I was taught my roofing skills from my grandfather I take the greatest of pride in my and my company’s work and I hope you see that on this site in the image galleries and client feedback.

Archie on Draper Street

I look forward to meeting and working with you on your roofing or renovation projects soon.


Archie Kirkpatrick
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